Welcome to Escape The Labyrinth!

It is such a burden and such a joy to feel everything so very much


For one reason or another you’ve discovered my blog, hopefully by choice or word of mouth but I’ll take whatever viewing I can get.

My name is Mardi, I am 19 years old and live on the stunning south coast of New South Wales, Australia. I like all things pretty, fun and lovely. In particular, my wonderfully supportive family, my beautifully intelligent friends and anything relating to fashion, beauty, lifestyle, photography, music and art. I am an amateur writer and blogger and enjoy using various forms of social media to feed, entertain and display my interests. This blog is an attempt to show the world (and yourself) a little bit about me, my life and my writing, whether commentary or literary.

Please take a wander around my site, maybe read some of commentaries on everyday life or some of my literary pieces, or perhaps look through the galleries on my media page. Whatever the reason you’re here, I’m glad you’ve found me.

So come, won’t you escape the labyrinth with me?


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  1. Nice blog. Love your picture ♥♥

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  2. Congratulations Mardi! Great blog xx

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  3. You amaze me mards! Love reading all your posts ❤️❤️

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